VENTES Logistics to its customers in various sectors; It offers solutions that create added value by structuring the necessary technology in order to create a competitive advantage. With this awareness; Expectations of customers are met by being integrated into supply chains, and needs are met with flexibility to adapt to all changes and innovations requested.

Warehouse Information Systems
  • Storage Management Systems (WMS)
  • Material Flow Control Systems (MFS)
  • Vertical Storage Systems
  • RF Hand Terminal

Vehicle tracking systems, which allow the production of a wide variety of reports that customers may need, with satellite support, are offered to customers.

With vehicle tracking system
  • Reports on the speed, position, idle information of the vehicles, and the temperature inside the vehicle
  • Reports on fuel consumption, tank level, engine speed of vehicles
  • The ability to locate and intervene the vehicle remotely in cases such as theft, theft, etc.
  • Informing the customer of the vehicle reaching the delivery point via e-mail and SMS,
  • At the same time, it can benefit from the services of mobile monitoring of all these data with Android and IOS operating system phones.
Warehouse Information Systems
  • Tracking all stages from the creation of the order to the delivery of the expedition
  • Document management via OCR program
  • KPI management
  • Portal Applications
  • Tracking & Tracing Applications