Our Warehouse Service

  • Determining how much idle space is available in the warehouse.
  • Determining the appropriate loading and storage method according to product groups.
  • Keeping appropriate equipment in the warehouse.
  • Establishing warehouse insurance.
  • Ensuring the correct handling, packaging and barcoding of the products.
  • Correct determination of warehouse costs.
  • Calculation of the length of stay and costs of warehouse products.
  • Our Stock Tracking Service
  • Determination of remaining available stock.
  • Reporting of stock entry and exit days.
  • Calculation of the space occupied by stocks in the warehouse.
  • Regular inventory counting.

Order Tracking Service

  • To determine the appropriate weekly order schedule.
  • Ensuring that orders are received at the right time.
  • Minimizing the time between receiving an order and dispatching it.

Our Shipment Tracking Service

  • Minimizing shipping costs.
  • Determination of the appropriate route.
  • Providing vehicle documents and necessary equipment.
  • Ensuring that vehicles arrive at the place of loading on time.